I’d highly recommend DeWitt to get the job done right.
I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you for your help...
Leslie W. in Tacoma, WA
Outstanding, very professional. Very prompt.  
A Neighbor in Dupont, WA
Masonry work was really good and I was overall happy with the work performed.

-Robert M. in Spanaway, WA

I called them first thing in the morning and they had someone come out that day. Very courteous and professional.
Carol G
…went above and beyond my expectations, even helped with water pressure issues. Great job!
— Michael G. in Puyallup, WA
Fast and reliable. Completed the project very efficiently and used quality materials. Thank you.

-A Neighbor in Tacoma, WA

Weed Control/Fertilization

The DeWitt maintenance team keeps your yard looking healthy and beautiful all year long. By feeding the plants you want and removing the ones you don’t, we maintain your yard to perfection! Our team of landscape maintenance professionals works hard to assure quality and satisfaction.

We have multiple options available for weed control.

Our crew is quick and thorough with weeding by hand. For larger areas of newly sprouted weeds, we can use a blow torch to quickly remove hundreds of weed seedlings and prevent them from returning. We use organic weed control sprays to spot-kill weeds but can also apply Round-Up, if you prefer. Prevent your weeds from coming back with a layer of mulch in your garden beds (click to learn more about mulch). We can apply bark mulch to give your beds a clean, neat appearance and keep weed growth at bay.

We can apply either organic or conventional fertilizer to lawns, beds, trees and shrubs. This keeps everything happy, healthy, lush and green. When mowing, we mulch about 75% of lawn clippings back into the grass, to give you a free organic fertilizer. This saves you money on fertilizer and reduces our carbon footprint when we don’t have as much material to dispose of. Click to learn more about reusing garden “waste”.

Try our landscape maintenance services today!

You can add our weed control and fertilization services onto any of the following:

Mowing Services


Irrigation repairs

Full maintenance package



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