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Lawn Care Services for the Sumner Community

by Dec 15, 2015Blog, Lawn Care0 comments

Lawn Care Services for the Sumner Community

Yes, some of the early effects of winter have arrived, and no matter what kind of lawn service you have done to prepare your yard, it will still feel the effects.

Hopefully, your lawn mowing service left your lawn relatively short to avoid mold and fungal diseases from setting in.

Some grasses are not completely dormant through the winter months, so these are a few winter lawn care tips:

  • For non-dormant grasses, water during the drier warm days
  • Rake away debris that may act as a nest for infections and pests
  • Somewhat evenly distribute snow to limit snow mold

Call Amazing Landscape Services for expert lawn care in Sumner. We advise on caring for your lawn during the winter months in the Sumner area and lawn service in preparation for new growth in the spring.

Lawn Service Has Many Benefits for the Sumner Homeowner

Even thought the temperatures have started to drop and we are seeing an end to those outdoor lawn care chores, there are important considerations for early spring.

There are several options we can provide for lawn service in Sumner to ensure a spring-breaking healthy lush lawn, such as:

  • Early lawn analysis for development of an organic treatment plan
  • A service plan for regularly-scheduled lawn care and maintenance
  • Consistent on-time lawn mowing service
  • Leaf removal
  • Lawn renovation

Call us for developing an early spring plan that will provide an amazing healthy, lush green lawn in the Sumner area, organically without the use of harmful chemicals.

Why Choose Us for Lawn Mowing Service in Sumner?

No one is thinking about lawn mowing service in Sumner now that the cold temperatures are setting in, but getting a jump on a comprehensive plan that is tailored to the specific needs of your lawn will pay big benefits in the spring!

Our lawn service plan can include a soil and lawn analysis to determine if the soggy winter has left conditions in which your lawn is failing to thrive.

As a full-service lawn care and lawn mowing service we use eco-friendly organic fertilizer, insect control and pest control.

The following has contributed to our success in lawn care and lawn mowing service:

  • Professional and affordable services
  • Premier lawn service and landscaping
  • Comprehensive tailored plan

Call Amazing Landscape Services to set up a lawn maintenance plan in the Sumner area tailored to meet your needs. 253-863-5296


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