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Maintenance Services for Irrigation Systems in Tacoma

by Jan 10, 2016Blog, Irrigation Maintenance0 comments

Maintenance Services for Irrigation Systems in Tacoma

This is what we call down time for irrigation and sprinkler systems in our area.

But from our standpoint, we’re already gearing up for spring sprinkler repair and lawn sprinkler system maintenance calls.

Those who get timely sprinkler repair and have a regular maintenance service program for irrigation systems in Tacoma will have the green lawn that everyone envies, more beautiful landscaping, and a lower water bill than those who procrastinate!

If your lawn sprinkler system does not function as it should when you try to set it in operation this spring, it may:

  • Cost you precious dollars
  • Do harm to your landscape
  • Waste our precious water resources

Call Amazing Landscape Services for maintenance system services that utilize the latest innovations, techniques and equipment to keep your system functioning as it should.

Drip Irrigation and Sprinkler Repair for Tacoma Landscaping

If the thought of irrigation repair and maintenance sends you into orbit, contact us.

You may need a simple valve or sprinkler repair in Tacoma, or something more involved like a new water- saving drip irrigation systems installation. We want to help you with a lawn sprinkler system that will keep your landscape beautifully green while conserving our precious water resource.

Why should you choose us for drip irrigation systems repair or installation?

  • We are a full-service residential and commercial systems company
  • Our lawn sprinkler system repair or installation is guaranteed
  • We provide a wide range of irrigation services and installations

Think ahead to what may be a spring nightmare with an irrigation system that is inefficient, and then call us for services in the Tacoma area.

Having Problems with Your Lawn Sprinkler System in Tacoma?

If your system was spittin’ and sputterin’, or shooting geysers when you retired it for the winter season, call us now to get on our spring irrigation systems services schedule!

When you want your landscape to green up beautifully the last thing you want to deal with is failure of your lawn sprinkler system in Tacoma.

If you are having problems with your watering systems, or require sprinkler repair, this is how we can help you:

  • Irrigation installations that consume less water
  • Minimal maintenance costs and reduced electrical consumption
  • 100% risk free guarantee for irrigation systems installations

Call DeWitt for all irrigation maintenance services in the Tacoma area including sprinkler repair. 253-863-5296


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