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Spring Lawn Care DuPont, WA

DuPont Spring Lawn Care

If you need spring lawn care services in DuPont, WA, then look no further. Amazing Landscape Services is the leading source in the area for comprehensive spring yard clean-up services that include lawn care.

Sustaining a robust lawn is even more challenging than growing one successfully. There are specific spring lawn care steps that you must make a part of your year-round turf maintenance. To be done correctly it is best to leave the spring lawn care work to experienced professionals like us.

We work along a detailed spring lawn care checklist for your DuPont property. Besides the routine lawn mowing, our spring lawn care tasks include:

  • Thatching
  • Aeration
  • Weed control
  • Over-seeding

We offer spring lawn care services for both residential and commercial properties.

Weed Control DuPont

While weed control in DuPont properties is an on-going requirement, it is especially important to tackle weeds when the winter season eases into springtime.

Call us early for weed control services as spring approaches. It is the only way to prevent the unwanted plants to eat up the nutrients mean for your lawn grass. We can carry out pre-emergent as well as post emergence weed control in lawns so that nothing can ever thwart the healthy growth of your lawn areas.

We use safe weed control products and techniques so as to:

  • Ensure thorough removal of weeds
  • Prevent harming the lawn during the process
  • Protect the fertile topsoil

DuPont Spring Yard Clean Up

Besides the lawn, the rest of your landscape also needs some gentle care and attention to shake off the after effects of the winter season. When you call us, the professionals for spring yard clean-up, we:

  • Prepares the foliage for growing season
  • Protect planting beds from fungus and diseases
  • Give a neat, well cared for look to the landscape

To ensure that your lawn and plantings make the best use of the growing season, call us for your spring yard clean-up service in DuPont. Our landscaping company has been in business since 2003 and knows exactly what is needed to have an effective spring yard clean-up done right.

Besides performing weed control and other spring lawn care work, our spring yard clean-up experts remove protective winter wraps from plants, clean the flower beds, enrich the soil with mulch, make room for new plants, rake out and remove debris from all the landscape.

Call Amazing Landscape Services at 253-863-5296 to schedule spring lawn care services or a complete spring yard clean-up job for your DuPont properties.

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