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Spring Lawn Care Parkland, WA

Parkland Spring Lawn Care

When the spring season approaches and the outside world starts to turn green again, you do not want your lawn to look bare or dull.Call Amazing Landscape Services for essential spring lawn care services in Parkland, WA.

Your yard needs spring lawn care, as this is a sensitive time of the year that is marked by unpredictable weather, tender foliage and spongy soil.Proper spring lawn care work lays the foundation for an attractive, lush and robust turf area all year long.

Preparing for a great-looking yard comes down to the following spring lawn care steps:

  • Tuning up the lawn mower
  • Mowing the grass high
  • Clearing away debris
  • Eliminating intrusive weeds
  • Sowing grass seed on bare lawn patches

It is always best to hire experienced professionals like us to perform the lawn care tasks at the onset of spring, as well as throughout the season. Call us today to schedule spring yard clean up, weed control and other spring lawn care services for your Parkland property.

Weed Control Parkland

Weeds are a nuisance that can destroy the health as well as visual appeal of a lawn. Proper weed control in lawns is necessary to stop undesirable plants from infesting the turf areas and stealing the space, nutrients and sunlight meant for the grass. We offer professional weed control service in Parkland to promote healthy growth of lawns and to keep the turf weed-free.

Our landscaping company offers comprehensive weed control services and:

  • Provides both pre and post-emergent treatments
  • Treats annual as well as perennial weeds
  • Uses natural solutions and chemical weed control products

We take a result-oriented approach to every weed control job and use customized treatments to tackle unwanted, wild plants as efficiently as possible.

Parkland Spring Yard Clean Up

Eager to reclaim your garden after the long winter is over? Our spring yard clean up service is just the thing you need. We send in a team of knowledgeable, well-trained technicians to remove the debris that has accumulated in your yard over the winter months.

The other spring yard clean up tasks performed by our experts include:

  • Removing mulch from around plants
  • Pruning plants
  • Thinning crowded flower beds
  • Planting spring bulbs
  • Applying organic fertilizers

Our competitive rates keep your Parkland landscape spring yard clean up cost affordable, and we make it easy for you to get maximum enjoyment from your yard.

Dial 253-863-5296 to hire the experts at Amazing Landscape Services for spring lawn care services and spring yard clean up in Parkland.

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