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Spring Lawn Care Sumner, WA

Sumner Spring Lawn Care

As the long winter draws to a close and much of the world steps out of hibernation, it is also the time to pay fresh attention to your lawn. The objective of spring lawn care is to ensure full opportunity for the turf to wake up and return to life.

If spring lawn care is done right, the soil and sun will make sure that your turf flourishes.The spring lawn care required by your Sumner, WA property generally depends on how well the turf had been cared for in the fall.

Spring yard clean up, leaf raking, grass mowing, fertilization and weed control are some of the tasks that help ensure the best health of your turf through the winter.

Your spring lawn care checklist should also include:

  • Do not start too early
  • Have the soil tested for acidity
  • Hire proven pros for lawn care

Let Amazing Landscape Services take care of all your spring lawn care needs in Sumner.

Weed Control Sumner

Weed invasion is a serious problem that can destroy your lawn. You must make sure that weed control is a key component of the lawn care program you follow at the onset of and throughout the spring season.

We offer both pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control services in the Sumner area. Our technicians use time-tested treatments to curb the growth of weeds and to get rid of unwanted plants that still manage to take root in your lawn.

Aside from using weed control products, we also take certain other steps to prevent weeds from invading your lawn.

Our weed control service includes:

  • Leaving grass longer
  • Feeding/fertilizing the lawn
  • Watering the lawn properly

Sumner Spring Yard Clean Up

The onset of spring calls for some dedicated yard clean up work. The spring yard clean up on your Sumner property is necessary if you want to:

  • Remove traces of winter decay from the garden
  • Make room for budding flowers
  • Tidy up the outdoors for summer use and enjoyment

A thorough spring yard clean up can be tiring and time-consuming. You would do well to hire our expert spring yard clean up service.

Sit back and relax as our technicians sweep your planting beds and hardscapes, cut back perennials, mulch, aerate, thatch, overseed and much more. All for an affordable spring yard clean up cost.

Make Amazing Landscape Services your first call for spring lawn care services, including weed control and spring yard clean up in the Sumner area. Dial 253-863-5296.

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