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Weed Control Bonney Lake, WA

Weed Control is an On-Going Problem for Bonney Lake Property Owners

Weeding, and weed control is an important component of any lawn care program in Bonney Lake, WA. Weed control and weeding, along with regular fertilization and mowing keeps the grass thriving. Quality weed control begins with an assessment of your turf in order to identify unwanted growth ahead of time.

Amazing Landscape Services implements a carefully designed weed control program in your Bonney Lake lawn to ensure your lawn remains lush and beautiful. Our effective weeding and weed control treatments for Bonney Lake property owners eradicate weeds and help them enjoy their lawn to the fullest. Our weed control and weeding services handle a wide range of weeds, including:

  • Crabgrass
  • Dandelions
  • Chickweed
  • Purslane
  • Clover

Lawn Fertilizer Services in Bonney Lake to Keep Your Lawn Looking Great

Lawn fertilizer is necessary for your Bonney Lake lawn to grow and thrive. Without a lawn fertilizer, it becomes difficult for the grass to grow healthy and full. Since fertilizer is easily available at local retailers, you might wonder whether you should hire a lawn fertilizer service in Bonney Lake, or do it yourself.

It is important to know that lawn fertilizing involves much more than simply spreading the fertilizer around your yard. In fact, there is science behind this kind of lawn service. From weeding to lawn fertilizer services, our Bonney Lake experts have everything you need to keep your lawn looking it’s very best.

We can customize our lawn fertilizer services to match the unique needs of your Bonney Lake lawn. With our weeding and lawn fertilizer services, you can enjoy:

  • Thicker, greener turf
  • Fewer weeds
  • Attractive lawn

The Benefits of Weeding by Hand and Weed Removal in Bonney Lake

Weeding by hand is one of the best ways to remove weeds. We can eliminate weeds in your Bonney Lake property by utilizing hand weeding techniques. We use hand weeding for perennial weeds such as dandelions that should be pulled when they are young.

However, for large weed infestation, we utilize a blow torch. Our hand weeding services will not only solve your weed problem, but will also promote a lush, beautiful lawn.

By combining the highly skilled lawn technicians, industry-leading products and attentive customer service, we ensure a smooth experience from start to finish. We offer:

  • Fast, reliable hand weeding
  • High quality results
  • Complete satisfaction

If you are sick of spending your weekends hand weeding your Bonney Lake lawn, let Amazing Landscape Services help. Call us at 253-863-5296.

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