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Weed Control Edgewood, WA

Weed Control is an On-Going Problem for Edgewood Property Owners

Along with timely watering and mowing, proper weed control and lawn fertilizer application are the basic elements of lawn care necessary in properties of Edgewood, WA to maintain a lush lawn.

Weeds impede healthy growth of your turf and shrubs. Unless weeding is done at an early stage, these unwanted plants eat into the space, nutrients, and water meant for your cultivated grass or plants. Even then, weeding has to be done constantly as weeds tend to grow back easily.

Weeding and weed control, as most Edgewood residents would know, is not as simple as it sounds. Generally, particular types of weeds need specific weed control measures and an Edgewood property owner may not recognize the weed or know how to eliminate it. They may also lack the time or inclination to do the weeding.

This is where Amazing Landscape Services can help. Our landscaping company has provided weed control services for Edgewood residents since 2003. We offer on-going, effective and assured weed control performed by technicians who are:

  • Suitably trained
  • Highly knowledgeable
  • Very experienced

Lawn Fertilizer Services in Edgewood to Keep Your Lawn Looking Great

We supplement the weeding with regular applications of lawn fertilizer in Edgewood homes or businesses to give our customers dense, robust and vibrant lawns. Applying the correct quantity of lawn fertilizer at the right time is essential to restore crucial nutrients to the soil.

Our lawn fertilizer services in your Edgewood property:

  • Help your turf to flourish
  • Get rid of bald spots on the lawn
  • Discourage the growth of weeds

We work with conventional as well as organic lawn fertilizer in Edgewood properties.

The Benefits of Weeding by Hand and Weed Removal in Edgewood

Weeding in Edgewood home or business properties is not an option, but a necessity. And, the benefits of weed removal go beyond improving the aesthetics of the lawn or landscape.

We can use chemical weed control measures, do blow torch weeding, opt for manual weeding in your Edgewood property or combine these, depending on the severity of weed invasion. You are sure to find our weeding services have a positive impact on the health of your lawn or garden because:

  • Hand weeding loosens the soil, allowing roots of your foliage to develop better
  • After weeding, micro-climate under the plants improves
  • Weed removal ensures that your cultivated plants get a full share of soil nutrients

Rely on Amazing Landscape Services for superior weeding, weed control or lawn fertilizer services in Edgewood. Call 253-863-5296.

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