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Weed Control/Fertilization

Weed Control is an On-Going Problem in Lawns and Gardens

A prominent and eminent problem in most landscapes, especially lawns and gardens, weeds prove to be more trouble than they appear to be. Weeding and weed control, besides the application of lawn fertilizer becomes an absolute necessity in your lawn or garden.

The growth of weeds in your lawn contribute to the:

  • Loss in aesthetic appeal
  • Decline in soil nutrients
  • Decrease in plant health

The above phenomena make it important to have weeding and weed control done on your lawn, prior to the application of lawn fertilizer.

In the absence of appropriate weed control methods, one fails to curtail the growth of weeds. The use of some lawn fertilizer may sometimes alleviate the rate of weed growth. These weeds take up space, oxygen and nutrients that originally belong to your plants.

Opting for appropriate lawn fertilizer and weed control and weeding services we offer may just be the solution you are looking for.

Lawn Fertilizer Services to Keep Your Lawn Lush, Green and Healthy

We at Amazing Landscape Services put our best step forward by offering a range of weed control and weeding services. Also, our products like lawn fertilizer are aimed at giving your lawn a healthy look and life.

We implement weed control by the following methods:

  • Weeding by hand
  • Blow torch weeding
  • Mulching
  • Lawn fertilizer

Lawn fertilizer restores the nutrients to the soil and thus to the plants. It acts as a natural weed control and limits the growth of weeds. A lawn fertilizer ensures that your lawn looks lush and healthy. Green lawns are generally attributed to a good lawn fertilizer.

Weeding by Hand and Organic and Non-Organic Weed Removal

Our general method for weed control is hand weeding. However, when the weed control
is to extend over a larger area, we use a blow torch. In order to perform spot kill weeding,
we use weed control sprays.

Our products for weeding and weed control include:

  • Conventional weed control spray
  • Organic weed control spray
  • Conventional lawn fertilizer
  • Organic lawn fertilizer

Employing a natural lawn fertilizer, like mulch, ensures the reduction in carbon footprint while effectively performing weeding and weed control. We mulch about 75% of our lawn clippings.

All of the weeding and weed control services and products provided by us, inclusive of lawn fertilizer, come with a warranty and guarantee of providing a lush, green and healthy lawn to you.

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